Patricia Bethune

"One in five Americans will become a caregiver

for someone they love."

- The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving

This is not an illness specific, age specific, ethnic specific need. It affects all of us. Our families. Our friends. Unfortunately, we don’t get our education on how to serve the needs of our loved ones and ourselves until we have gone through the process.

Having learned these lessons through her own life experiences, Patricia's purpose is to bring awareness and solutions to the needs of caregivers.  She wrote with Barbara Sweeney this easy to read how-to handbook.  It is the perfect starting point when a family or friend becomes a caregiver.

What Can I Do? 

A Guide for Family and Friends of Caregivers


She volunteers her time as a spokesperson to The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving.This worthwhile organization has been studying the needs of caregivers for decades and have shared their evidence based scientific studies with agencies across the county. 

Here is a link to their site and resources page:

Breakfast of Champions - An event launching the Los Angeles branch of Operation Family Caregiver. Moderated a special panel of caregivers to veterans - moving, insightful and raw.  

Pictured below: Nikki Stephens (Dole Fellow), Lorie Van Tilburg (Executive Director, SCRC), Barbara McNally (author), Laura Bauer (National Program Director, Operation Family Caregiver), Patricia Bethune (Actress/Writer/RCI spokesperson/Caregiver Advocate), Melissa Comeau (Dole Fellow/poet/author)

Produced & Co-wrote with Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

 RCI's PSA for Caregivers